The blog

Welcome to, the blog where we will analyze different museums of the world.

The institutions we are approaching will be, on one hand, the most visited worldwide. Their fame is due to the immense heritage value they treasure, with works of universal relevance.

We analyze universal and most unique museums, their history, their collections, their digital challenge and their novelties

On the other hand, we will describe museums that, despite being smaller, stand out for the uniqueness of their exhibitions and the excellence of their museum work.

Each project will be approached from different points of view:

. The history, the context in which they were created, the building that contains the museum and origins, the society to which it belongs and its historical evolution, the geographical location and all those anecdotes that help to understand its personality.
. The collection, origins, protagonists and historical circumstances that motivated them to be part of the institution that shows them. It is about knowing how to build a great collection, kings, battles, colonizations, large archaeological projects, donations and acquisitions.
. The digital challenge, the challenge that the museum is facing to adapt to the new times. They are universal works available to a global world. It is about benefiting from the advantages that technological advances can bring to the understanding of cultural contents.

Interactive exhibition
Vasa Museum in Stockholm
An attractive and interactive exhibition
Vasa Museum in Stockholm

With all this information, it will be easier to understand what the museums we visit are offering us.

Likewise, we will dedicate a section to the news that will be published about new museums, temporary exhibitions or extensions of the current museums. The tourism globalization is generating great dynamism and competitiveness among the different destinations, which demands a modernization of the cultural offer and therefore, a panorama full of novelties.