A group of visitors participate in an interactive application
A group of visitors participate in an interactive application

It is essential for visitors to understand the content that the exhibition wishes to convey through its exhibitions. Using Interactivity in the museums the results are excellent.

The great tourist museums are overcrowded, they measure their success with cold numbers of visitors, with this they fulfill their mission, what does each person take away from their visit, apart from the postcards or paperweights in the store, have we sown some restlessness, apart from being one more trophy in their tight agenda, have we acquired some knowledge, do we listen to the guide in his canned and not very understandable message, has he participated, asked, something apart from where is the toilet or the coffee shop?

People, except for those already motivated by a particular subject, hardly listen when they attend monologues, so participation is essential to attract the interest of the public. The same is true of museums and exhibitions, and interactivity in the museum helps to create such dialogues.

Participation through interactivity in the museums is essential to attract the interest of the public

Conjunto de audiovisuales
A set of audio-visual systems dynamising a visit.

I don’t mean by that placing a couple of information screens at the beginning of the visit is the target. It’s more about looking for a dialogue along the way. What is more interesting to see a series of objects or participate in a succession of events that involve us? to see or discover? to be told or investigated? to teach or to surprise?

A film where nothing much happens is boring. But when it exceeds the interactive impacts on the viewer it becomes saturating. You have to find a balance.

Excessive interactive hits can overwhelm

There are resources such as immersion through historical setting or augmented reality, the use of interactive games, the realization of sensory interactivities where in addition to seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, will make the experience unforgettable. The more senses that participate, the more unforgettable the experience will be.

The sensorial interactivities will make the experience unforgettable

And as in the movies, an exhibition that makes us uneasy, makes us think, will have us hooked. Better to suggest than to affirm, better to ask than to give answers, better to discover than to show. Here too, open endings are disturbing.

Since the great museums have a great asset in visits, let the tourists take something more than what they buy in the store, that as well, but better an unforgettable experience. The museum is a space for reflection and for each visitor to reach their own conclusions.

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