In this article I explain everything you need to know about a very special museum, the Porsche Museum, a must for any Porsche enthusiast and the world of sports cars in general.

While you are planning your visit to its location, here are some interesting facts that you will be able to enjoy when you go there and I include some videos that I think may interest you.

A visit to the Porsche Museum is essential for any car enthusiast.

A visit to the Porsche Museum is essential for any car enthusiast. In its facilities you will find the essence, the legend, the present and the future of this mythical car manufacturer.

The Porsche Museum is located in a unique building completed in 2008, which seems to float in the air.

Created by the Austrian architecture studio Delugan Meissi Associated Architects, it is a space that breathes speed and passion, a complex yet fluid structure.

The Porsche Museum exterior
Night view of the museum
Photo: By RudolfSimon – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5791734

But let’s start the article on the Porsche Museum at the end.

When we describe a museum, we normally follow a chronological order when dealing with any subject, from the oldest to the most recent, we go first to the origins to finish with the closest.

Not this time, let’s talk about the newest thing, the latest technology that Porsche has put on the market, its most innovative product, which places the brand in the technological elite of the automotive world.

Porsche Taycan the electric present and future

This is the new Porsche Taycan, the first 100% electric Porsche. This model is on display in the museum.

Porsche Taycan
100% electric Porsche
Porsche Taycan
Photo: Toni Zaat

The present and future of cars involves electrification and Porsche’s answer to that challenge is the Porsche Taycan.

And to present it in society as it deserves, Porsche has made a spectacular commercial, typical of an action film, but with a touch of comedy.

Porsche presents the Taycan in an action-packed commercial with a touch of comedy

To this end, Porsche has not spared any human resources apart from the latest technology, bringing together a film team made up of 110 professionals from the USA and Germany.

But I am not deviating from the title of the article, as the action begins just at the Porsche Museum. Let’s see it:

The commercial

Let’s look into this advertising project and find out how it was done, i.e. behind the scenes, to assess the complexity of the project and get to know its protagonists:

Behind the scenes

Let’s see what two well-known communicators of the motor world think, the first in English and the second in Spanish.

Let’s hear it from the famous Chris Harris of BBC’s Top Gear:

Chris Harris de Top Gear

For his part, the head of car testing of coches.net, Jaume Gustems, analyses the Taycan in detail:

Jaume Gustems de coches.net

But the Taycan does not forget the origins of Porsche that elevated it to the elite of motor sport, cars of great power and performance, which have been carving its pedigree for decades.

It is precisely these origins that we can enjoy in this magnificent museum, located in the epicentre of the European automotive industry.

We can see the first models that Porsche created in its business beginnings in 1931.

Porsche 356
Porsche 356
Photo: Brend 12 Pixabay

First Porsche was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1949 was the 356. It was developed on the basis of the Volkswagen engine. The last generation was launched in 1963.

Porsche 356
Porsche 356
Photo: 13106192 Pixabay

Later, the mythical 911 created by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, better known as Butzi son of Ferry and grandson of the founder Ferdinand Porsche, arrived on the market.

The legendary 911 was introduced in 1963

The legendary 911 was presented at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show and its basic lines have lasted more than 50 years and have exceeded one million units sold and 8 generations. Any model designed by the brand has some trace that reminds the 911, a nod to its most emblematic model.

For a sports car brand like Porsche, prestige is achieved by participating and winning in the most prestigious races in the world. They had it clear from the beginning and prepared their cars to harvest victories.

Porsche was born with a sporting DNA and has demonstrated this on numerous occasions with more than 30,000 victories in a wide range of competitions, from rallies, endurance events, grand tourers, raids and single-seaters.

Porsche 911 Gran Turismo
911 Gran Turismo
Photo: Mibro Pixabay

Porsche has won the Paris-Dakar twice in 1984 and 1986.

At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, it is the manufacturer with the most wins, 19 times.

He also won 22 times in the 24 Hours of Daytona.

Many of these legendary sports cars can be seen up close in the Porsche Museum, true legends that once made history.

In the museum you can see legendary vehicles from the competitions

And not only that, the more than 80 cars that make up the collection are mostly in perfect working order, being maintained by the brand’s mechanics. In fact, there is a workshop on the first floor of the museum in charge of the care of the vehicles.

Visitors can observe their work through a glass window.

In addition to the permanent collection, the museum holds a series of temporary exhibitions every year, on various subjects, in order to encourage the visitor to come back and learn about the latest developments.

1996 Porsche 911 GT1 Le Mans
1996 Porsche 911 GT1 – Le Mans
Photo: Morio – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27539224

The brand also has in its collection about 650 cars of all ages and versions imaginable, which are sent around the world for events, advertisements, exhibitions and rallies, which generates about 2,000 movements per year.

Porsche Museum contains the company’s archives in which the historical and contemporary knowledge of the company is kept.

The museum contains the historical archives of the company

At the end of the exhibition, the museum has placed a large interactive screen of more than 12 metres in length through which you can access some 3,000 photographs, drawings and technical data of all the street and racing cars that Porsche has made throughout its history. This is the “Porsche Touchwall”.

The interactive application “Porsche Touchwall” is updated daily, enriched with information from the museum’s own archives. Navigation is carried out via touch screens that allow several users to use the application simultaneously.

All this is possible thanks to a configuration formed by 20 55″ screens connected to 5 computer graphics equipment and a real-time 3D application, which allows the images to be enlarged and moved across the entire surface or for the same image to cover all or part of the screens.

The Porsche Touchwall, a spectacular interactive area

Another interactive sensory area is called “Porsche in the Mix”, an original application, where you can enjoy the characteristic sound of 7 different Porsche models accessed via touch screens.

It includes the original sound of turn signals, door locks and engine which are progressively integrated into the music, finally creating a composition. All this is completed with the projection of video images and animations on the wall.

Finally, the visitor can create his or her own composition in the “Porsche in the Mix”, an interactive sensory experience that emotionally involves the visitor with the brand.

In conclusion, the Porsche Museum is located in a magnificent building, inside which we will be able to contemplate the most emblematic models of the brand both on the street and in competition, learn about the history of Porsche, its current models and its plans for the future.

It is an opportunity to consult their historical archive through a large screen with multiple users interacting simultaneously.

A visit to the Porsche Museum more than just a visit, it is a personal experience.

If you wish to visit the website of the Porsche Museum click here

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