The contents of a museum must be described according to a script that gives coherence to the whole.

What do we want to tell the visitors?

What is a museum script? The visit to an exhibition, must have a narrative structure, that’s why we call this article the museum script.

But how are the stories told? The way human reasoning understands them:


And how does this transfer to an exhibition?

INTRODUCTION: when a visitor enters an exhibition we must tell them the basic knowledge about the subject we are going to deal with, relating it to everyday things, known to everyone, easily identifiable, so that they can connect with the new almost effortlessly.

They will take hold of the known concepts to explore the unknown with confidence,the audiovisuals are a very useful resource for this first phase.

A group of visitors following a scripted tour
A group of visitors following a scripted tour

: this is the central part of the discourse or expository narrative. Here we will develop each of the contents that we have begun to point out in the introduction.

We will have to use varied resources, with which we will manage to avoid the monotony of the visit and, on the other hand, to capture the attention of a very diverse public, with different forms of learning such as contemplation, listening to a story or active search through interactive systems.

In this section we can propose the visitor three routes:

. Simple, brief and direct.
. Medium, with a higher level of content.
. Reflective, with an important level of information, with spaces that allow to deepen in the matter as much as desired.

Starting short, does not prevent curiosity from pushing us to want to know more and make us look for a more complex path.

DENOUEMENT: the script of a museum should end here, in the place where the conclusions are drawn. The ideal is not to provide a closed solution, but rather an open ending and therefore it is the visitor himself who decides, since it is a matter of each individual reflecting.

This narrative structure makes it easier to acquire knowledge in a progressive and understandable way. For all this, each person will be able to find a space in which they feel comfortable and enjoy the visit.

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